Updating gamin gps

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Updating gamin gps

Issue warning message when waypoint or route name longer than 16 characters 7. Download/Upload Garmin GPX files automatically if file structure present in GPS. Corrected a symbol set regression problem (access violation) 8. New echo mode in Map Settings for Tracks - Speed, Course, VMG and Bearing 2. Correct minor bug concerning track waypoints - issure warning message 4. Give a warning message when coordinate field is too small during export of DBF files. Import of Imray Digital Chart (IDC) *route files Version 5.0v 10th Apr 2011 ------------ 1. Provide import of Waypoint Creation timestamp from DBF files 4. Do not show warning message when unable to save data for some special editions 6.

Updated GPX file import to deal with proximity data 9. Fixed regression bug when digitising waypoints using altitude from DEM 15. Do not issue warning symbol messages when being driven from the Batch File converter 19. BIN files Version 5.1b = Version 5.11 23rd June 2011 --------------------------- 1.

Provide Dataset Precision Property for Altitude/Depth (0,1 or 2 decimal places) 14. Corrections to general file import regarding duplicate waypoint IDs. Corrections to SHP fileimport with a German Grid 4. Right adjusted the number of points column in Track Summary Grid 6. Corrected FPL file import to read in unnamed routes. Corrected a regression bug associated with Garmin interface warning messages. Import Depth from NMEA files containing $GPDPT sentences 6. Corrected some problems associated with Linestring import in Google Earth KML/KMZ files 10. Support for import of National Geographic TPO files. Fixed a problem associated with OSI calibration MAP files for Mercator projection 2. Added a new tool, Highlight Annotations in Area in map view 9. Possible fix for a rare Floating Point error during realtime operations 12. Changed the Generate Waypoint grid to give alphabetic/numeric IDs 8.

Assume WGS84 datum for NMEA file import when Force WGS84 flag set 15. Upgrade to deal with blocks of random track data within PTF files Version 5.2b ( & 5.20/F for items 1,2, & 3) ---------------------- 1. Improved Load Bitmap/Map Calibrations menu and reworked Help to suite 7. Corrected problem associated with importing tracks from *. Fix for exporting Garmin ADM files when time is undefined 7. Support for import and export of Garmin FPL files 3. Added a surrounding box for highlighted annotations 10. Correction to the handling of the South African grid projection 13. Corrected a bug in GPX file import so as to deal with Anquet files 9.

Export S&T symbols in a Google Earth KML and KMZ files 4. Fix for bug associated with Styles in import of KML files 2. Structural changes to import of Google Earth (KMZ), Time Zero (TZD), Sea Map (MAP) and DEM (HGT) files. Fix to USR version 5 file import Version 5.2d ------------ 1.

Improvement to CPlot MRK file import for waypoints Version 5.25 16/11/2015 (also 5.2f) ------------ 1.

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Correct a minor track sequencing problem when joining segments 6. Corrected a problem associated with decimal separator in map Overlay export 6. Give error message when encountering Gartrip *files with undefined route waypoints 5. Put Save As Overlay button into the Map Calibration dialog 12.

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