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Speed dating glendale az

Claim to fame: Step back in time at the Palace Restaurant Saloon and Restaurant.

Opened in 1877, the state's oldest bar is one of the most popular stops on Whiskey Row and once hosted Doc Holliday as well as Wyatt and Virgil Earp.

The magnificent Grand Canyon lends Arizona its most popular nickname, the Grand Canyon State, and it's easy to see why this vast natural wonder is one of Arizona's top attractions.

Toroweap Point, pictured here, overlooks a 3,000-foot vertical drop.

Others browse the shops, restaurants and bars that box in the 4-acre plaza, a design that's as perfect today as it was in 1864 when the town was laid out.

Founders couldn't have envisioned the role the plaza now plays, hosting more than 100 festivals and events annually.

Start with dinner at the Stock Exchange, where businessmen once gathered to keep up with the latest prices via ticker tape. Then cross the street to enter the Silver King Hotel.

Claim to fame: Put on a yellow rain slicker, climb aboard a rail car and rumble into the heart of a mountain. Prescott On sunny, mild weekends — and so many of them are — residents and tourists flock to the grassy square at the heart of downtown.

The Copper Queen Mine Tour follows what was once one of Bisbee's richest veins, mapped by men with no fear of dark, enclosed spaces. In view of the Yavapai County Courthouse, a four-story granite structure looming like a castle, many stake claims to shady spots under spreading elms, or people-watch from the courthouse steps.

“This is truly a new day for patients with special needs,” said Sheila Shapiro, chief operations officer for United Healthcare.

Joe Coleman talks with owner Danielle Martinez (center) and bartender Nancy Prior at the Room 4 Bar in Bisbee, Ariz.

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Take a right at the top of the stairs for the Room 4 Bar.

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