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Having the company of a vip escorts is cogent experience of pleasure.

Ladies become a true companion and share your thoughts and feelings.

Prague’s lesbian scene may not be as upfront and raunchy as its male counterpart but the city’s famed tolerance and liberalism applies just as much to the lesbian side of things.

All arrangements will be discussed with her so there won't be a nasty surprised during the meeting, such as agency promising services that the girl is not comfortable providing.

Escort agencies are a good place to look for a companion if you are not sure what you are looking for.

Agency can usually give a good advice about the best match for you.

Other options for the ladies are the laid-back Cafe Erra which attracts a mixed crowd of men and women, Q Cafe and our own Saints Bar.

Two places that are often mentioned on out of date internet sites, A-club and Maler, are respectively not lesbian, and gone straight.

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