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Finn and rachel dating

When decorating their new loft, Kurt watches as Rachel paints Finn's name tucked inside a heart.When Brody's love for Rachel comes evident and Rachel's growing doubt gets the best of her, the heart and Finn's name alike are both painted over in Rachel's performance of Everytime.Finn refuses the offer and frees Artie, telling Noah that everyone is losers and that he wants to be more.Finn returns to New Directions apologetic and is accepted back in the club.He says that despite his confident appearance, he is just as emotionally scarred as anyone else.A flash back occurrs and we see Finn with his mother's ex boyfriend singing Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin', Finn's first moment in which he felt a longing to perform.

He is still mentioned, though, when Kurt Hummel appears as Rachel's new roommate and she asks about him; Kurt has talked to him recently and assures Rachel that Finn wants only the best for her, even if that means being separated.

Will offers another route, however, and asks if Finn will join New Directions, the glee club, to prevent the former consiquence from occurring.

The next scene is Finn's memories as a child and his admitance to having a hard family life.

His first performance with the group surprises those within it, especially Rachel Berry who has finally found the male lead she's been looking for.

Later on the football field, Finn's coach, Ken Tanaka, scolds him for missing the following Saturday's game for attending the Glee Club's field trip.

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Even this early in the show, Finn is obviously uncomfortable with his status as a football player and bully, as seen by his awkward position in this first scene.