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I stuck my fingers inside the condom and had sample taste of his mass of fluid; it tasted funky and was disgustingly thick and cold.

Revenge was mine when I sucked out as much cum as I could, then rolled then condom inside out and double finger fucked my ass with it!

Her pussy smell was the only one I'd known so far, it brought life and excitement into my little tranny cock.

Mom had never mentioned she knew what I was secretly up to, it was the one conversation I was always dreading. Mom had a new boyfriend, he was a business man in his late forties and incredibly full of himself.

I was no longer embarrassed about cross-dressing, which was a good job as I couldn't stop myself. I had easy access to mom's bedroom and there was a large laundry basket in the bathroom, at bath time I would spend most the time stroking myself wearing her sweaty soiled panties and bras, then perhaps just five minutes soaking in the bath.

Her bedroom was a little paradise - her main dresser had exciting underwear and nightwear drawers.

I was soon naked with a hard on rifling through her underwear drawer which I pulled out a black lacy bra.

After dressing, I admired myself in her dresser mirror and the lay on her bed slowly stroking myself; I rolled around for a bit until I noticed down on my right hand side on the floor something very interesting.

I was pretty jealous of the time they were spending together and what they were doing.I was still a virgin, with little experience with girls; my biggest turn on was still cross dressing and moms gorgeous body.I had some mature lady porn magazines which I loved the lingerie shots and fantasized about some of the stories were really written my mom especially when the plot was getting fucked by young guys.I masturbated furiously moving the condom up and down, all I could think about was my mom taking it in the ass. I imagined the look of pain and pleasure in her face. Amazingly I did not go soft; I guess my brain was being overloaded with images of my mom being a filthy whore.I took the other condom which was full of cum and licked certain areas that looked like mom had left dried juices and skin traces of her pussy.

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She looked happy after her weekend boning by him, I forgave her and wished her all the cock in the world; she deserves it for putting up with me.

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